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Latosa Escrima Club in Ravensburg & Lake Constance

Learn Latosa Escrima...

Group training
in Ravensburg & Lake Constance

Weekly Training
The full range of Latosa Escrima in small groups.

Personal Training
in Ravensburg & Lake Constance and international

The most effective way of training.
Individual and flexible private training for individuals and small groups
in Ravensburg & Lake Constance, Germany, Switzerland, and international.

Seminars / Workshops
in Ravensburg & Lake Constance, Germany and international

Regular seminars and workshops
with Kai Kühn and international teachers
in Ravensburg & Lake Constance, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Latosa Escrima in Ravensburg & Lake Constance

Discover Latosa Escrima...

Martial Arts
Latosa Escrima is a Filipino Martial Art.

Learn battle-tested close combat with blades, sticks and empty hands.

Latosa Escrima is self-defense and self-protection.

Learn techniques, strategies and the necessary mindset for effective self-protection.